Liner Notes.

All Songs Written and Performed by: Tone Dogg Raw for Doggma Uno
All Tracks Produced by: EQ – Out the Ash Tray of LA
Mixed and Mastered by: EQ – Out the Ash Tray of LA
Executive Producer: Tone Dogg Raw for Doggma Uno
Photography: Enkrypt Los Angeles
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Whips is a project that we here at Doggma Uno term, specials. Some strictly for the heads shit. It was birthed amid Tone working on various projects over the last 2+ years. Drawing again from Tone’s love for his “Spaceship,” Whips ventures into territory Tone’s previous projects have only scratched the surface; truck thumpers, wack rapper slappers, and some syrupy grooves dot this mixtape EP. Entirely produced by EQ, Whips sports the banging and crisp production that is customary Out the Ashtray of LA.

So if you found your way here and have the pleasure of listening to this project, know that it was crafted and released specifically for you. So go on, download away or stream it. Your speakers will thank you though your momma might not!

Track Info

1. Clarity
2. Don’t Trip
3. Ichubby
4. Cruise Control
5. Lacs and Chevys
6. Starbucks
7. Loose Ends

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