The Animated Film

Originally envisioned by Tone Dogg Raw as a short film, 2 years after its release, Doggma Uno teamed up with Brain Forest Digital Animation’s Joe Matamales to bring that dream to life. Released in installments via YouTube, the Transgalactic Voyage animated is truly unique as it is the 1st short film based entirely off a hip hop album. The film is featured here in full and as epsiodes. Blast Off on this Audio Expedition!

The Transgalactic Voyage of Doggma Uno

The Transgalactic Voyage of Doggma Uno

Liner Notes.

Additional Vocals by: Lizzy Lopez

Mixed and Mastered by: EQ – Out the Ash Tray of LA

Executive Producer: Tone Dogg Raw for Doggma Uno

Album Artwork: Cal-S-thetics for Glass Bottom Boat Productions

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Track List

  1. Outerspace (Feat. Lizzy Lopez) – Produced by Odd Job
  2. Stuck – Produced by Doggma Zero
  3. Dreamer – Produced by Odd Job
  4. Blast Off – Produced by Doggma Zero
  5. Audio Expedition – Produced by Odd Job
  6. I Prefer Cadillacs (Spaceship) – Produced by Doggma Zero
  7. Moon Beam – Produced by Odd Job
  8. Solar Winds – Produced by Doggma Zero
  9. LA Galaxy (Feat. Tiny Loko) – Produced by Doggma Zero
  10. Deep Space Mind Brain – Produced by Odd Job
  11. Spaces – Produced by Doggma Zero
  12. Arrival (Feat. Lizzy Lopez) – Produced by Doggma Zero
  13. Universal Truth (Feat. Ariano) – Produced by Odd Job
  14. All Stars – Produced by Doggma Zero
  15. Going Home -Produced by Doggma Zero
  16. Re-Entry – Produced by Doggma Zero
  17. Solistice – Produced by Doggma Zero


The second solo project released by Tone Dogg Raw is best described as a transgalactic opus of angst, yearning, dreaming, futility, growth and enlightenment.  Exclusively featuring the production of Doggmazero and Odd Job, “Transgalactic” is the most amibtious project conceptual from Tone Dogg to date.  Taking you into the depths of “Deep Space Mind Brain” to the outer limits of the “LA Galaxy,” this interstellar project will take you “to the moon and back.”

Like many concept albums, the project is best to listen to as a whole to get the full intended experience, however, standout tracks include the whimsical “Dreamers,” hard hitting “Universal Truth” and the inspiring “Solstice.”

Tone Dogg Raw fans will be delighted by the cosmic direction he takes even if it takes a few orbits around the sun to fully take in the beautiful storytelling he delivers.  So “hop into (his) spaceship” and ride out on this transgalactic tour-de-force.


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