Tightly Sealed

Tightly Sealed

Liner Notes.

All Songs Written and Performed by: MP & Tone Dogg Raw
Additional Song Writing on “Awe Inspiring” by: A. Martinez
and on “Bringing it Back In” by: A. Godoy
Mixed and Mastered by: EQ – Out the Ashtray of LA
Executive Production: Tightly Sealed for Doggma Uno
Art Direction: Tightly Sealed for Doggma Uno
Photography: Enkrypt Los Angeles
Album Art Design: Cal-S-thetics for Glass Bottom Boat Productions
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Track List

  1. Sealed Tight (Intro), Beat: Rthentic RTNC
  2. Awe Inspiring Feat. Kozme & Wake Self, Beat: Duke Westlake
  3. Don’t Be Surprised, Beat: Exile
  4. Work to Do, Beat: Duke Westlake
  5. Dim Mak, Beat: Rokem
  6. Slow Song, Beat: EQ – Out the Ashtray of LA
  7. Hands, Beat: Exile
  8. B-Side, Beat: Duke Westlake
  9. Slow Song, Beat: EQ – Out the Ashtray of LA
  10. Holiday Feat. Dy Cy, Beat: Duke Westlake
  11. Serious Business, Beat: Kev Brown Cuts: DJ Luman
  12. Bring it Back in Feat. Gavlyn, Beat: Duke Westlake
  13. Calling Out, Beat: Exile
  14. So Far (Outro), Beat: Kev Brown
  15. Soul Part, Beat: EQ – Out the Ashtray of LA *
  16. Future Buds, Beat: Duke Westlake Cuts: DJ Rawz Ill Remedy *
  17. Bong Bong, Beat: Calvin Valentine *
  18. *Bonus Songs on Deluxe Edition Only


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