Liner Notes.

Mixed and Mastered by: EQ – Out the Ash Tray of LA
Executive Production: Tone Dogg Raw for Doggma Uno
Associate Executive Production: EQ – Out the Ash Tray of LA
Art Direction: Cal-S-thetics for Glass Bottom Boat Productions
Photography: Enkrypt Los Angeles
Cuts by: Deaf Switch & Toon Curtis (6, 8 & 12)


The Happening – (Produced by Odd Job)

…Ain’t about how hood you are it’s about the struggle
Ain’t about how much you got it’s about the hustle
Ain’t about ur game thus far its how you learned it
Ain’t about where you are it’s about the journey…

Tone Dogg Raw
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  1. The Happening- Produced by Odd Job
  2. Shoestrings – Produced by Moodz Odyssey
  3. Grown man – Produced by Odd Job
  4. Fresh I may – Produced by Odd Job
  5. Trampolines (Feat. MP and ENDZ) – Produced by Duke Westlake
  6. Optimo – Produced by Doggma Zero
  7. Nature boy – Produced by Duke Westlake
  8. Cortez- Produced by Louden
  9. Punch You (Feat. EQ) – Produced by EQ Out the Ash Tray of LA
  10. Roll on (Feat. Anita Blunt)– Produced by Moodz Odyssey
  11. Ninety Nine – Produced by EQ Out the Ash Tray of LA
  12. Madd Dogg 20/20 – Produced by Prez Sinatra
  13. Bossin – Produced by Odd Job
  14. Kickin Back – Produced by Prez Sinatra
  15. NFWU (Feat. Tiny Loko) – Produced by EQ Out the Ash Tray of LA
  16. Those Days (Feat. Dave Allen) – Produced by Duke Westlake
  17. Someone to Love – Produced by Odd Job
  18. Fathered – Produced by Louden
  19. Some Things Stay the Same – Produced by Odd Job


OPTIMO is the most polished, cohesive and banging album yet to be delivered from Tone Dogg Raw. As the first official release from Doggma Uno, Optimo is meant to be the precedent for all future releases in terms of quality. Optimo is at its heart an album that draws inspiration from the corporate world where “puttin’ in work” is revered and the “hustle” is the symptom of success. Conceptually, the album shows how ingenuity, ideas, and creativity can be made tangible through hard work, ambition, and the inability to stop creating. The project can also be enjoyed from the perspective that Optimo, the wrap, is where the finest product is rolled for consumption.

Optimo is the third solo release from Tone Dogg Raw. Characterized by playful braggadocio, slick lyrical gymnastics, and catchy punchlines, in many ways the album picks up where Tone’s first solo release, For the Heads, left off.

The release is familiar, yet refreshing. Polished off by handpicked beat and vocal collaborations, the album recalls the “golden age” of West Coast hip hop music and is sure to please fans of previous Tone Dogg releases. Layered on top of this palette, though, are fresh, current flavors sure to satisfy new listeners’ cravings for that dope hip hop music that only a true hip hop head can supply.

The project is the brain child of Tone Dogg Raw with artistic direction from Cal-S-thetics and associate executive production from EQ – Out the Ash Tray of LA. Utilizing the various talents of a collective of producers, Tone delivers his signature “Raw Dogg” style, which somehow sounds like a mashup of Only Built for Cuban Links, Atliens and All Eyez on Me in a young chicano persona. Unapologetically west coast, Tone is set to represent the real Southern California hip hop heads worldwide with this one.


“Step into my office.” – Tone Dogg Raw, OPTIMO.


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