No Sleep ’til Amsterdam

No Sleep 'til Amsterdam

Liner Notes.

All Songs Written and Performed by: Tone Dogg Raw & Cal-S-thetics
Additional Song Writing on “15 mins.” by D. Molina, M. Miranda, R. Langguth & BLESZ
All Songs Produced by: Cal-S-thetics for Glass Bottom Boat Productions
Recorded & Mixed by: Glass Bottom Boat
Mastered by: Viva Mescal for EOTR
Executive Production: Tone Dogg Raw & Cal-S-thetics
Album Art Direction & Design: Cal-S-thetics for Glass Bottom Boat Productions
Back Cover Photo: Enkrypt Los Angeles @enkrypt_losangeles
Originally Recorded at: Copplestockstraat 35, Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Track List

  1. no sleep ’til amsterdam
  2. brush your teeth, young’n
  3. chimichurri vs mayo
  4. no plans
  5. 15 mins. Feat. AO, BLESZ, Landa Langg, Viva Mescal
  6. neither here nor there
  7. live in amsterdam


During a recent trip to Amsterdam, Tone and Cal decided to make an EP after plans for the trip were somewhat blown-up before they even left LAX. A performance they had booked was rescheduled for a later date and it looked as if the trip would be less productive then they had intended. However, after Cal listened to loops on the airplane on the way there the talked about recording something new and they did just that. Conceptualized and recorded mostly during their 6 days in Amsterdam, the duo used a very minimalist setup with just a mic hanging from the dining room light, beats were looped on a SP404sx, Protools and some ingenuity The project was inspired by their trip, all the new friends they’d make there, and the ability to be together for that many days to create something new.

Download the project now and feel the energy of their trip straight through the speakers! The download comes with all the instrumentals and all vocals have been edited for DJs to play in any environment.


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