Hills and Windows

Hills and Windows
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Liner Notes.

All Songs Written and Performed by: Tone Dogg Raw for Doggma Uno
All Tracks Produced by: EQ – Out the Ash Tray of LA
Except “Real World”, “Which Way” and “Signal Hill” by Odd Job
and “Miss Los Angeles” by Moodz Odyssey
Additional Vocals on “Which Way” and “Cry” by EQ
and on “Fade Away” by Porcelain
Mixed and Mastered by: EQ – Out the Ash Tray of LA
Executive Producer: Tone Dogg Raw for Doggma Uno
Associate Executive Producers: Cal-S-thetics for Glass Bottom Boat Production
and EQ – Out the Ash Tray of LA
Album Art by: Cal-S-thetics for Glass Bottom Boat Productions
Photography: Enkrypt Los Angeles


Windows – (Produced by EQ)

… Sometimes this feels like sleep but I don’t realize
I’m convinced I’m awake open eyes
Looking out a window, feels like I might wake up
I been sleep for a long time doing the same stuff
Then I forget until I see out another opening
My life consists of sleep then jumps to where I hope to be
Where I say, “Who cares what they think.”
I’m going to follow this because it’s pulling me…

Tone Dogg Raw
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  1. The Cruise – Produced by EQ
  2. Real World – Produced by Odd Job
  3. People – Produced by EQ
  4. Which Way – Feat. EQ – Produced by Odd Job
  5. Nomadic Tribesman (No Colors) – Produced by EQ
  6. Falls Apart – Produced by EQ
  7. Windows – Produced by EQ
  8. Signal Hill (The Temple) – Produced by Odd Job
  9. Miss Los Angeles – Produced by Moodz Odyssey
  10. Cry – Feat. EQ – Produced by EQ
  11. A Mile Away – Produced by EQ
  12. In Consistence – Produced by EQ
  13. Fade Away – Feat. Porcelain – Produced by EQ


Doggma Uno is proud to introduce the newest project from Tone Dogg Raw, entitled Hills and Windows. His most intimate work to date, Hills and Windows follows the winding path of a relationship up the peaks of joy and down to valleys of pain. Carefully woven into the rich beat production of EQ – Out the Ashtray of LA, Odd Job from Germany and Moodz Odyssey from Compton, Hills is a detour from previous releases, but offers a glimpse at a view through different Windows as seen by Tone Dogg Raw.

The album itself is autobiographic in nature with all the anecdotes and emotions embodied within inspired by truly personal experiences. At times uplifting and lighthearted and at others unsettlingly melancholy, the album should prove itself to be as relatable as it is rich in content. Standout songs such as the album’s lead single “Cry” paint both a caricature as well as a realistic portrait of someone in the mist of a messy break-up, which undoubtedly will strike a nerve both raw and energizing to all that hear it. It is this quality that may indeed set this album apart from many that share the genre with Tone and make this album one that will hold up well as it ages regardless of trends and tastes to come.

So while this album may come from a place where heartbreak and depression where all too common, it is the inspiration and transformation that resulted from those challenges that will stay with the listener long after the final notes of “Fade Away”… fade away.

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