For the Heads

For the Heads

Liner Notes.

Mixed and Mastered by: Doggma Zero

Executive Producer: Tone Dogg Raw for Doggma Uno



  1. For the Heads Intro – Produced by Odd Job
  2. Raw Shit – Produced by Cal-S-thetics
  3. Something Amazing (Feat. Art Official) – Produced by Odd Job
  4. Diablo – Produced by Subconscious
  5. Don’t Get it Twisted – Produced by Sky Hie
  6. Earthquake – Produced by Art Official
  7. Ain’t No Use (Feat. Art Official) – Produced by Dixie Burner
  8. Round and Round – Produced by Sky Hie
  9. Break Bread – Produced by ???
  10. Stylistics – Produced by Sky Hie
  11. Some Things Don’t Change – Produced by Odd Job
  12. Dead or Alive (Feat. Katharsis) – Produced by Odd Job
  13. Don’t Get it Twisted 1.5 (Feat. Gray Dei & Theory) – Produced by Sky Hie

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The first solo release from Tone Dogg Raw.  As Tone states on the album’s intro, “this one’s for the heads, simple and plain.”  Released independently in 2008, the unmastered album is 13 tracks of straight “Raw Shit” that serves as the signature sound of Tone Dogg Raw. Featuring the numerous beats from frequent collaborator, Odd Job, this album served as the opus for many further tracks between the two including the classic Tone Dogg track, “Some Things Don’t Change.”  Additionally, heavy contributions from the dope Cloud 9 Articulate definitely add a unique flavor to the album highlighted on tracks like “Diablo” (Produced by Subcon of Cloud 9) and “Ain’t No Use” (Featuring AO of Cloud 9).

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