Definitive: A Year in the Nebula – Spring

Definitive: A Year in the Nebula - Spring

Liner Notes.

All Songs Written and Performed by: Tone Dogg Raw & Cal-S-thetics
Additional Song Writing on “Universal Expansion” by: D. Ceja & R. Diaz
Mixed and Mastered by: EQ – Out the Ash Tray of LA
with Additional Mixing on 2, 4, 8 & 12 by: Duke Westlake
Executive Production: Tone Dogg Raw & Cal-S-thetics for Doggma Uno
Album Art Direction: Cal-S-thetics for Glass Bottom Boat Productions
Front Cover Art: Genzoman
Back Cover Art: Tone Dogg Raw
Photography: Enkrypt Los Angeles
Additional Photography: Zach Friedberg
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Track List

  1. The Process – Produced by the Glass Bottom Boat
  2. Premium Blend – Produce by Duke Westlake
  3. City Beat – Produced by Cal-S-thetics for Glass Bottom Boat Productions
  4. Opportunities – Produced by Duke Westlake
  5. Packing – Additional Vocals by: EQ – Produced by EQ – Out the Ashtray of LA; Intro Produced by RTNC
  6. For the Fam – Produced by Sumthin Gunny
  7. Story of My Life – Produced by Pos-Tone
  8. Dirt – Produced by EQ – Out the Ashtray of LA
  9. Soak In – Additional Vocals by: Gray Dei – Produced by Rokem
  10. Merci – Produced by Jeepz
  11. Trip Out (Feat. DJ Handprints) – Produced by Kev Brown
  12. Universal Expansion (Feat. Dy Cy) – Produced by Duke Westlake


Volume one of the Glass Bottom Boat’s Definitive project. Exploring themes of revolt, renewal, rebirth, growth and gratitude.
A full length LP that starts off the Definitive journey. Based around the co-written and ever-smooth rhymes of Cal-S-thetics & Tone Dogg Raw, “the Spring album” acts as both a reintroduction to the duo as well as a jump-off of their ambitious project documenting their past year’s inspirations. Featuring beats from some familiar and not-so-familiar producers including Duke Westlake, EQ, Jeepz, Kev Brown, Rokem, Sumthin Gunny, and even dusting off the SP, Cal-S-thetics. “Blessed to share our gifts with the world, this album is mostly done in appreciation for all the people that have inspired, blessed and supported us throughout our lives,” says Cal-S-thetics, which both “For the Fam” and “Merci” delve specifically into.

While the album does serve as mostly a re-introductions to the duo and their song writing abilities, it does delve into deeper subject matters and ideas, which have always been at the essence of what the Glass Bottom Boat was/is. For instance, the aptly titled, “City Beat” (a remix/rerecording of a classic Glass Bottom Boat track from The Temple album) is a song reflecting on the duo’s inspiration found at heart in the LBC and its people while living together there back in 2003-05. Additionally, “Packing” has both emcees exploring their thoughts and feelings about recent gun violence within the country. Many other storylines exist to be explored by the listeners of this project. From odes to fallen friends and relatives, to starting new ventures, from rekindling old friendships, to appreciating the present; the album is only the beginning of “A Year in the Nebula.”

As with any Spring, lush growth and brighter days seem to abound from the renewal all around. This album is no different and forecast much more promise in the seasons ahead.

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