The Star Lord-Rider Beat Tape Now Available [New Release]

To Kick of the Doggma Uno Beat Tape Series, EQ drops the spacey yet banging Star Lord-Rider Beat Tape

A hauntingly mix of slapping rhythms and melodic chords paint a very simple yet deep soundscape that ventures into unfamiliar territory for beat tapes as it is more of an album than traditional beat tapes. This was no accident though as EQ crafted a fun yet melancholy theme that wraps both sides of the cassette tape in an eerily beautiful vibe. The analog format of the tape further enhances the listening experience as the noticeable punch of EQ’s production is accentuated perfectly by the tape’s warmth. These limited edition tapes are available exclusively through and aren’t expected to last long as only 100 copies were produced. Don’t miss your opportunity to vibe out like the great Star Lord whether its on headphones or through your Kenwood dual deck.

Beat Tape by Deck
Buy Yours Before They Are Gone

Entirely Produced, Mixed and Mastered by EQ – Out the Ashtray of LA
Executive Produced by Tone Dogg Raw for Doggma Uno
Art Work by Dave Zee


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