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Tone Dogg Raw – Optimo 2 (TBA)

Tone Dogg Raw – Omens (2019)

Tone Dogg Raw – Whips (2017)

Tone Dogg Raw – Hills and Windows (2017)

Tone Dogg Raw – Optimo (2016)

Tone Dogg Raw – The Transgalactic Voyage of Doggma Uno (2014)

Tone Dogg Raw – For the Heads (2008)

Glass Bottom Boat – No Sleep ’til Amsterdam (2019)

Glass Bottom Boat – Definitive: A Year in the Nebula – Winter (2018)

Glass Bottom Boat – Definitive: A Year in the Nebula – Fall (2017)

Glass Bottom Boat – Definitive: A Year in the Nebula – Summer (2017)

Glass Bottom Boat – Definitive: A Year in the Nebula – Spring (2017)

Glass Bottom Boat – The Temple: Chronicles and Archives (2005)

Glass Bottom Boat – Recovered Collection from the Submerged Hull of the Glass Bottom Boat: The Mixtape Vol. 1 (2003)

Glass Bottom Boat – Transgalactic Voyage of the Glass Bottom Boat (2001)


Tone Dogg Raw – All Stars (2013)

Glass Bottom Boat – Real Life Music (2008)

Tone Dogg Raw – Doggma (2007)

Glass Bottom Boat – Everytime (2007)

Tone Dogg Raw

the stage name of a hip hop, graphic, and literary artist. Resident of Buena Park Southern California, by way of Long Beach, San Diego, North Carolina and originally from Roswell New Mexico.

The son of a retired and decorated Gunnery Sergeant of the United States Marine Corp. Tone Dogg Raw has lived and adapted to many different environments.  This gave him the opportunities to experience different cultures and ways of life.  Born in storied Roswell New Mexico, the land of enchantment and red and green hatch chile.  His father joined the military and his family was whisked off to Jacksonville North Carolina, where he lived until the age of 7. It was here that he received his first vinyl album for his birthday, Beastie Boys “License to Ill”.  His mother and father exposed him to much of the contemporary music of the time.  Waking up in the morning hearing his Dad listening to Michael Jackson “Off the Wall”, The Gap Band, Color Me Badd, or UB40, music was always the soundtrack to the young family’s life.

After a transfer to El Toro USMC Air Station in Orange County southern California, he moved to Tustin.  After a few years, the family was given a home on El Toro base housing near Irvine and El Toro (Mission Viejo) California.  There he resided up through the first year of high school.  His love for music continued to grow, expanding his interest, being introduced to No Doubt, Green Day, Weezer and many other alternative rock bands of the time.  At his heart was hip hop, he collected numerous cds, like Bone Thugs, Notorious B.I.G.’s albums, 2Pac, Wu-Tang Clan, and admittedly Puff Daddy and the Family.  Watching music videos and listening to the radio shows like “Westside Radio”, was always a favorite pass time.  During this time of his adolescence, he met Cal-S-thetics in his home room in middle school.  The two found common interest in hip hop music, art and humor.  The two would trade rhymes in class when the talent was just barely beginning to form.  The base closed and he moved to local Irvine for a year.  In high school the two and other friends would write pages and pages of rhymes and freestyle whenever they had a chance between sports and schoolwork.

The summer between freshman and sophmore years, his father was transferred back to North Carolina.  During this time he got himself deeper into the hip hop mindset.  Tone and the neighborhood friends would smoke, rhyme, ball, and play spades daily.  During a game of spades where bragging was called “barking loud”, the name Tone Dogg was born, as he was vocal during this card game.  His freestyle and writing skills began to flourish amongst many other talented rhymers, and the latter part of the name “Raw” was added because of his delivery and content.  The area was tough and he ran with a rough crowd, getting himself into legal trouble and learning the streets.  He also was able to procure some of his earliest DJ and recording equipment, some old belt driven turntables, a mixer, and a 4-track Vestax cassette recorder.  Some of these early recording still exist in the vaults.  The experience in North Carolina was essential for who he became later in life.

His father was once again transferred back to California, this time San Diego.  He finished high school, while reconnecting with his friend Cal-S-thetics, who had developed a talent for making beats on a Roland SP-808ex and refining his own MC skills.  The two would meet up every few months and Cal would give him beat tapes, and they would write and record songs together.  The two formed the group The Glass Bottom Boat, named after the room Cal would lock himself in and craft instrumentals at his family’s home.  The duo, along with other friends who collaborated from time to time, ended up using these early recordings for their first project entitled, “The Transgalactic Voyage”, which was and still is only available on limited cassette copies.  They kept refining their sound and were able to redo some of those songs and a few new ones to produce “The Recovered Collection”.

Once school was over for Tone, the opportunity arose for him to venture out on his own.  Just so happened, Cal was considering moving to Long Beach where he was attending college.  He was open to having a roommate and Tone had a job offer so they linked up and lived in Long Beach together for 2 or 3 years.  This period is often remembered by Tone as the “Temple” days named as such after the street they lived on and nearby Signal Hill, and Skyline Park which Tone nicknamed “The Temple”.  The two bought a Yamaha 16 track digital recorder to give them better sound, and the recordings they made during this time were incorporated to form the “Temple Chronicles and Archives”, their most quality and structured work yet.  Cal had learned recording techniques and taught them to Tone.  They experimented heavily with songwriting themes and structure.

Cal moved off to LA, and Tone moved to Westminster to begin his own family.  The two still continued to make new music, although not at the same clip.  Although they produced a notable song which sparked an idea which would later become something they both didn’t expect at the time, “Doggma”.  They linked up with fellow Orange County group – Cloud 9 Articulate  –  and began performing live, opening up for some notable artist, like KRS-One, 2Mex, Pharoe Monch, Ice-T and others.  The group quickly infiltrated the regional hip hop scene and was applauded for their performances and music.  Tone ventured off to work with other producers and artists to create “For the Heads”, a collection of rough recordings from 2007-2008.

Then life happened.  Tone began his family and music was not paying for diapers, so he took a hiatus.  Moving up the corporate ladder, over many years and securing a steady income.  At a time he was comfortable financially he made a purchase of studio equipment and an MPC-2000xl.  He began to learn to find loops from vinyl samples and sequence drums to make beats of his own.  He began writing and recording the songs that would become “The Transgalactic Voyage of Doggma Uno”  a nod to his roots with the Glass Bottom Boat.  This was a conceptual piece and is favored by Tone as some of his better material, as far as themes, music, tone, and storytelling.  This album took several years to complete.  Upon letting Cal listen to the album, he helped Tone pick the songs that should stay or go and recommended having it mastered and mixed professionally.  This led to Tone reaching out to peers to help him secure a capable engineer to do the work.  He was referred to EQ Out the Ash Tray of LA.

The two developed an efficient working relationship.  EQ would send Tone beats and he would drive to Highland Park LA to record with EQ.  Tone, wanting to avoid the commute, set up his own equipment in such a way to provide the best sound he could get using home equipment.  Tone would record more than 70 songs in a two year span.  One day Cal asked to hear what Tone was working on.  He brought 3 or 4 cds worth of material to Cal’s house. Tone admittedly didn’t know what to do with all the material.  Cal helped Tone formulate song lists and albums of what were once rough ideas.  Many of these songs would be included on the upcoming release “Optimo”.

Tone and Cal both formed their own entities Doggma Uno LLC and Glass Bottom Boat Productions.  Joining forces they plan to reignite the fire and produce professional, quality sounding, and genuine music.  With numerous projects in the works, there’s no telling what the future holds, but with certainty they embark on this latest voyage poised to make an imprint once again.  Not only with music this time but with the idea that creation is something to be held precious and to be explored.  Incorporating graphic art, live band performance, video media, and artistic consulting, Tone Dogg Raw of Doggma Uno and The Glass Bottom Boat is setting out to produce the highest quality art.  For him, that is where all of this ends and begins.

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