Tightly Sealed



Tightly Sealed – Tightly Sealed (2018)

Tightly Sealed – Dim Mak (2018)

Tightly Sealed – Work to Do [Overtime Remix] (2019)

This is what we got, So Far…

Tightly Sealed is a potent duo comprised of two emcees, MP and Tone Dogg Raw, each from separate, distinguished groups, who came together to simply make something fresh. MP, who’s crew, Rebels to the Grain, has been a constant in the LA underground hip hop scene since time even before his crew dropped their critically-acclaimed debut album “There’s Something in the Seeds.” It was about that time when Tone would meet MP as Tone’s own crew, Glass Bottom Boat, performed a number of shows opening for the Rebels. Years pasted yet both emcees stayed creating a number of excellent releases in their own lanes, and both stayed in contact tuned into each others work. But it wasn’t until Tone dropped his “Optima” album in October of 2016 that the duo Tightly Sealed became a fresh idea.

It was then that Tone and MP collaborated on a couple of tracks for that project (Namely the super dope “Trampolines” Featuring sick productions from Duke Westlake and additional vocals from ENDZ) and the discussion between the two started on trying to come together and make something bigger. Once the collaboration was visualized it was only a matter of time before the two studio veterans started a schedule around weekly recording sessions at the legendary KPFK Studios in North Hollywood, CA. Here in isolation with little input from others, the two formed a brothership and an identity as a duo. Tightly Sealed became a vehicle for the two to try stuff that didn’t fit in their previous groups and solo ventures; something fresh and new. This can be heard in the Exile produced summertime anthem “Hands” or the turnt-up “Dim Mak” (produced by Rokem), where the duo come with a swagger that shows off their contrasting styles and expert lyricism.

These Tightly Sealed sessions birthed a number of songs and remixes (many yet to be released) and formed a brand-new platform for the duo. Slowly, but surely you should see more from the fruits of their labor as Tone and MP show the world they have more “Work to Do.” So believe them when they tell you that, “This is what we got, So Far…”

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