Rezawrekting Tha Dead (EQ & Pos-Tone) – Killer Dope – EP (2006)

Rezawrekting Tha Dead (EQ & Pos-Tone) – Rezawrekting Tha Dead – LP (2007)

Non Flaco (Destruct & EQ) – Self Titled – EP (2009)

EQ – Out the Ashtray of LA – LP (2010)

EQ – Chronicles of the Black Lung – EP (2012)

EQ – EQ 2012 (Compilation) – LP (2012)

Non Flaco (Destruct & EQ) – The Munchies – LP (2012)

EQ & Charlie Brown – Working for Peanuts – LP (2013)

EQ – The Animated Mind of EQ – LP (2015)

EQ & Tone Dogg Raw – Avenue de Los Mexicanos – LP (Coming Soon)

EQ & Charlie Brown – Flight of the Red Baron – LP (Coming Soon)

EQ & Think – Burn Easy – LP (Coming Soon)


EQ – The Starlord Rider Beat Tape – (2017)

Robert “EQ” Diaz,

formally known as Equalknox, hit the L.A. Hip hop scene in 2007 as a member of Quantum Mechanix and A.G.O.P. This North East L.A. native was a child of many genres of music, but relied heavily on Hip Hop to survive everything from street politics, the L.A. Riots, and even gaining understanding to questions his parents did not have answers to. With a desire to express creativity he learned how to construct instrumentals, engineer, MC, and DJ which has been in his background since age 11. Forming a group with Pos-Tone entitled Rezawrekting Tha Dead, was his biggest learning experience on product development and quality sound which ultimately led him to be given the name EQ.

Since then, EQ has worked with numerous legends in underground hip hop (thru engineering and production) and has released a wide spread of projects creating vibration he hopes will put his hood of North East L.A. on the map. With his appreciation for music as a culture, lifestyle, and business he feels he achieves an essence of purity to his sound that has been leaving an imprint in music culture.

Case in point is recently released “Star Lord-Rider Beat Tape,” which showcases EQ’s talent as a producer with beautifully simple arrangements, but absolutely slapping drums that just hum off the cassette tape. The man really needs no intro, but to those new to his craft, as well as those who are deep into EQ’s catalog already, this special little treat should satisfy both palates well. Additionally, EQ is also working on finishing up a collaborative project with Tone Dogg Raw called “Avenue de Los Mexicanos” while also simultaneously working on two other collaborations with heavy-hitters Charlie Brown & Think, which will continue to build upon his already heavy and consistent catalog.

In regards to the “Avenue” album, it was a few years in the making as the two (Tone & EQ) have developed a consistent professional relationship with EQ producing, mixing and mastering multiple projects for Tone before they got the idea to make a cohesive album together and release it through Tone’s Doggma Uno imprint. The project will without question provide listeners with absolutely thumping beats coupled with EQ’s penchant for rhymes featuring witty delivery, dirty humor and lyrical mastery. Thus, EQ is undoubtedly poised to continue making noise for his hood in the upcoming months and we all will be better off for it. Definitely stay tuned…