Glass Bottom Boat – The Temple: Chronicles and Archives (2005)

Glass Bottom Boat – Recovered Collection from the Submerged Hull of the Glass Bottom Boat: The Mixtape Vol. 1 (2003)

Glass Bottom Boat – Transgalactic Voyage of the Glass Bottom Boat (2001)


Glass Bottom Boat – Real Life Music (2008)

Tone Dogg Raw – Doggma (2007) – Produced beat.

Glass Bottom Boat – Everytime (2007)


Talk to the Handsfree (2009) – Produced soundtrack to original dance piece.

The Old Farmer and the Persimmon Tree (2008) – Produced soundtrack to original dance piece.

Returning (2007) – Produced soundtrack to original dance piece.

It started first with notebooks of rhymes,

ones I kept to myself until one day Tone asked me if I wrote rhymes and proceeded to spit his own to my amazement.  A friendship grew out of our common love of hip hop music and the experimentation/day dreaming of making our own.  This was back in 1998.

Tone Dogg, the catalyst, was crucial in the next step in our development once again.  Though I had built up a small cache of equipment and software for a studio, I wasn’t fully invested in the process.  In 2001, my brother, Justin Kasce and I were unfortunate to have our computer crash and with it the start of my music recording came to a short halt.  As fate would have it, soon after Tone returned to So Cal and promptly sold me his starter kit  Gemini DJ setup.  These events directly lead me to buying what would become the centerpiece of my studio, the Glass Bottom Boat (SP-808ex).

From 1999 to 2003, Tone and I would record a handful of songs, each becoming better than the last.  These records resulted in two amateur releases on tape distributed to friends and associates, the “Transatlantic Voyage of the Glass Bottom Boat” and “Recovered Collection from the Submerged Hull of the Glass Bottom Boat.”

Later, Tone was back at it again asking me if I’d be interested moving with him to Long Beach, where I was currently commuting to school at LBCC studying record production.  It further committed me to my craft and jumpstarted our work on our third project “The Temple.”  Midway through this project, I again had issues with computer technology as the zip disks that the 808 saved to began corrupting and with the corruption another much larger swath of music was lost.  This resulted in “The Temple” being a bit shorter than was originally planned, but also lead to us getting a separate recorder to record on (AW16G).

It was then 2005 and I accepted my invitation to study at UCLA.  I moved out from “The Temple” and out to LA where a whole slew of beats were created with even better technical skills being applied.  It was also about this time that Tone and myself would spark some influential friendships with other musicians such as Cloud 9 Articulate, Dellue, DJ Orator and Rebels to the Grain.  We also began performing live with some regularity at this time.

However, with that momentum also came resistance (both external and internal) and though we still managed to record a few seminal tracks such as “Doggma,” “Everytime,” “Real Life Music,” and “Peace,” we did not have any true direction, drive or investment to make our dreams a reality and for all intents and purposes gave up on the dream… Or at least I thought we did.

You see, Tone continued to work away.  And when he was in the mist of his 2nd solo project back in mid 2013, he reached back out to see if I’d be interested in getting involved.  So I gave him a bit of feedback on the album and such and when my interested waned I again thought I was done with the dream.  However, if any of you truly know Tone you know he’s a workhorse and it wasn’t long until he came over to my house with another swath of music; this time with some really quality sound.  I was immediately taken aback.  The date was January 2, 2016.

Two days later I was asking a million questions about what I was hearing, and by the evening of the 6th, I was hooked.  I offered to give Tone any help he might need to get these projects released as they were just too good for no one other than me hearing them.  He in turn started to let me in on his idea; Doggma Uno and with it a dialogue of where our dreams should go next began to take shape and like a phoenix from the ashes my musical aspirations arouse.

Here we are in the thick of that inspiration that was rekindled.  Optimo is right around the corner and we are even more excited to let you know what we got in the works around the bend.  New products, new albums, new artists.  The nebula of creation is truly here at Doggma Uno!

– Calvin


Returning.  Choreography by Chris Leyva, Music and video editing by Cal-S-thetics.  From 2007.