Doggma Uno Corporate Profile

Doggma Uno

is a Southern California based artistic production company and innovative lifestyle brand officially founded in 2016.

“Doggma is a play on the word dogma,” CEO Anthony Garcia explains. “Defined as belief. I live my life by a code—mainly centered around spirituality, energy, and family. Positive virtues and ideals drive the progress of life—that is the one dogma: Doggma Uno.”

This pragmatic approach to life is at the core of the art Doggma Uno produces. From its unique logo, specialty merchandise like custom socks and glass statues to audio/visual productions, Doggma Uno’s unique vision is embodied in its art which is at once celestial and grounded.

Doggma Uno is committed to bringing more custom-designed merchandise and art curation/production inspired by its creators’ love of music. Quality is the product. Process is the hustle.


The nebula of creation is here… at DOGGMA UNO.

TONE DOGG RAW is the stage name of Anthony Garcia, CEO and Chief Artist of Doggma Uno. A hip hop, graphic, and literary artist as well as an entrepreneur, Tone has single-handedly crafted the artistic vision and design of his brand, Doggma Uno. Always the music lover, philanthropist and benefactor; Tone is hoping to contribute to the world overall with his own brand of style, entrepreneurial-ism, and ambition.

With a 16-year history as an MC, Tone has been honored to share the stage with notable acts like KRS-One, Slick Rick, Ice-T, Pharoahe Monch, 2Mex, Strong Arm Steady, DJ Orator, and Rebels to the Grain.

As a highly capable recording artist and producer, Tone Dogg Raw has independently released a total of four albums, including two solo ventures.

On the brink of launching his third solo project, OPTIMO, Tone Dogg is poised to deliver to hip hop fans worldwide the “raw dogg” stylings exclusive to him.

As a highly creative painter and graphic artist, Tone decided to launch his artistic vision by handcrafting his own logo and using it as a vessel to explore the various media of art available nowadays.  This attention to artistry is key in the collaborations Doggma Uno has pursued to create its merchandise.

A true renaissance man, there is no telling what to expect next from TONE DOGG RAW, except that it will be exceptional.

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